T.O.W Week 3

Question: “Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?”

If I was asked this question in December, I would have said ” there is no reason to blog.” I had no interest in it, I didn’t understand why someone would want to be blogging about their “feelings and ideas.” But now, having had my eyes opened by Professor Nixon I realize that blogging is something that I as a student can learn from, especially by commenting on others after reading theirs.

Comments are an integral part of blogging because it allows you as the reader the ability to work through things you may have just learned from someone else’s blog. It may also help other people reading your comment to spark another idea or learn something they hadn’t thought of before. It’s like a system that we are all apart of working together to help each other out by talking to and through each other. It helpful and useful all on levels because you may agree with what someone else said, and make a connection through a comment.

Effective blog comments should be well written. They also need to be not too lengthy and should also not be used to bash someone’s ideas or thoughts, but used to explore the topic more. If you don’t agree with what was said, then don’t bash them in the comment. Also, if you are going to write a comment, make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.

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