T.O.W. Week 2

What is a “public”? Which publics are you a member of? How did you choose to become a member of those publics? (Choose and discuss at least three.)

A public is a group or groups that you as an individual have chosen to be a part of.

Lady Fire Basketball- I am a member of the Lady Fire Basketball Team. I have been a part of the team since my freshman year, which would be three years now. I am a captain/leader this year as well. I love being a part of something that has so much influence on girl’s lives, a campus, and on a community. Sadly this may be my last year of playing, but I know what I learned from being on the team will not soon be forgotten.

Southeastern University- Since I attend school here in Lakeland , I am a part of this campus. I have loved getting to know students and professor’s walking around and just being a part of  such a great group of people.

ASCAP (THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS, AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS)- I am also a member of ASCAP. ASCAP is for published composers that have copyrighted their music, after that it can be used for movies, television, etc.  I have been  a singer/songwriter since I was 12. I recently became published for a song that I sang and wrote. It was used on an international television show called TheDrivetv.  In order to have my music used on the series I had to join ASCAP.  I hope to write more, but for now I am content knowing that I have the ability to put my music out there to be heard.

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