T.O.W Week 4

  • If you could work in an era of PR history (from a time before you were born), which one would it be? What interests you most about this era and why?
  • Oh my, this is a hard one. I would have to say that the era of PR that I would love to work in would have been during the early beginnings of America, somewhere between 1620 and the late 1700’s. I feel like PR was starting to get noticed more, but we were still in the beginning stages of getting things out there for people to become aware.  Back then it was about getting the important, relevant ideas and such out there for society to hear.  For them, it wasn’t about making the most money at the time. It was about putting out the word. I do understand that they were trying to get people to come live in America but they did it with integrity; or as far as I know they did. I also think it was much simpler. They didn’t have to put the information up on a billboard, online, pass out flyers, play commercials, etc. Much of it was through face contact or word of mouth, sometimes I think we are PR people over look the impact that talking has still.  Public Relations back then also played a part in America’s fight for independence. PR was used to make a difference and to get people involved. I am not saying that today PR doesn’t do good, because it does. I just feel like today, we often forget why PR started and why we do it. The early beginnings of PR paved the way for more mass media to come about.

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