T.O.W Week 4

  • Last week, you took the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course. There were four main topics in this course: Grammar, AP Style, Punctuation and Spelling. Using the three-pronged approach described above, describe your reactions to this course. Remember to include a  hyperlink to the course, too.
  • During the Cleaning Your Copy course I learned a lot. Even though in a junior in college, I’ve learned that I don’t know everything there is to know about grammar, spelling, etc.  Through the class I learned some key things that will really help me out in the long run. I was taught that modifiers can make or break your sentence.  I also learned that the word that is used for clauses that give useful information to the sentence; use which for anything else.   The difference between who and whom is that who is the subject and whom is an object. When I moved through the course I started reading about punctuation and found that you use a colon when two sentences present contrasting ideas. I also struggle with when to use a semi colon, in lesson I learned you can use a semi colon when you need to indicate a greater separation of thought that a comma can’t provide. Finally, I found that there a lot of commonly misspelled words that we may not even know we are misspelling.

    I was really surprised to find that I didn’t know as much as I thought  I did. I knew a lot, but AP style is very different than anything I’ve ever used before so it makes things more difficult to adjust to. Also, I was surprised to see how many commonly misspelled words there are and how many confusing word pairs and homonyms there were.  

    I really want to get better at noticing mistakes and want to explore AP style more. I want to get better at knowing when to use certain punctuation marks and words when writing so I can have a great paper instead of a good one.

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