Super Bowl Ads 2010 T.O.W 5

I will be honest, most of the time I only watch the Super Bowl for the ads. This year was no different.  The one advertisement  that stood out the most to me and that I really enjoyed  was the google ad. It was so adorable! The google ad was one of the sweetest ads I’ve seen in a long time because it was simple and didn’t need barely dressed women or include anything inappropriate.  It followed the life of this guy through google. I thought it depicted the progression of one’s life very well. Also, I think it used google perfectly. The ad brought everyone’s attention to the search engine and everyone was able to take the journey through the commercial. The commercial was really targeted towards women and men. It had romance and the cuteness factor for women and for the men it showed that you can use google to be romantic. It really captured my attention and my guess it other peoples as well. The Super Bowl ad I didn’t care for was the Denny’s restaurant commercials with the chickens. I found it to be so annoying and totally not related to the restaurant. I really don’t see how that would entice anyone to visit that restaurant. I feel as though the only people it would appeal to would be people who find that kind of humor funny and men. I do realize that women may find that funny, but I didn’t find it to be at all.

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One Response to Super Bowl Ads 2010 T.O.W 5

  1. ladyd23 says:

    The Google ad had to be the most genius move in advertising made by any company in the history of advertisement. The fact that the as was completely silent was genius because everything that has to do with the Super Bowl is loud and flashy to try to catch the viewer attention. The ironic thing was that because Google did the opposite it made their commercial stick out the most. Also I think that it was the one commercial that every person in the United States could relate to. Love, Life, and unexpected things happen and the commercial depicts all those things. Everyone can relate to wanting love and seeking adventure. Also everyone changes plans at one point or another in their life. I think also another reason why people could relate to it was because there was no name or face associated to the person that was using Google. Almost everyone could put themselves behind the keyboard in the typer’s position. A great commercial puts a person right in the middle of the emotions and thought process of the commercial. Google did just that. It was a charming commercial and a true joy to watch.

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