Chapter 5 Notes

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox

Chapter 5 Notes

  • The backbone of almost every publicity plan is a press release.
  • However, a study showed that between 55 and 97 percent of news releases never get used that are sent out to media outlets.
  • A big reason for writing news releases is to help achieve organizational objectives.
  • There are a few questions to ask yourself while planning out a news release. A few of them include  1. what is the subject of the message? 2. Who is the message designed to reach? 3. What is in it for the selected audience?
  • Traditional news releases are written on letter-sized white paper measuring 8.5 by 11 inches and your paper should be between 20- or 24-pound weight.
  • It is helpful and important to use the AP Style book when writing news releases.
  • There are several types of news releases: announcements, spot announcements, reaction releases, bad news, and local news.
  • Six basic components make up a news release: letterhead, contacts, headline, dateline, lead paragraph, and a body of text.
  • It is important to keep news releases factual.
  • When sending an E-mail news release, it’s important to keep it to 200 or fewer words and only have four to five paragraphs.
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