T.O.W. Week 6

When I was asked do I think it’s more beneficial for a new PR practitioner to begin his/her career in a PR department or in a PR firm? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? I think the answer is that there will always be advantages and disadvantages to both, but I think it’s about finding what works best for you. PR departments serve various roles within companies and organizations while a PR  firm is its own agency. In a PR department, due to its smaller size, people are often included in decisions depending on the organization they represent. The authority and power of a PR department are often high. It deals with a lot of autonomy. A PR department feels few public pressures and has little governmental regulatory interest. However, staff members have to do things like routine news releases and company newsletters and often have little to no input into management decisions and policy formations.

Public Relations firms off many services such as marketing management, executive speech training, research and evaluation, crisis communication, media analysis, and community relations, events management, public affairs, branding and corporate reputation, and financial relations. PR firms are found all over the world, mainly in metropolitan areas. PR firms offers a lot and it doesn’t. They analyze a client’s needs with objectivity. They have a variety of skill and extensive resources. They can offer international jobs and have special problem solving skills. Although, the possess a lack of full-time commitment and have high costs. They have a need for full information and confidence and direction by top management. While I see advantages and disadvantages to both, I think it would be better to work at a PR firm. Looking at it, I feel like you will get more and be of better use by working for a PR firm. Resources are almost unlimited and if you want to go anywhere in the PR field, a PR firm is where to be do it.

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