T.O.W Week 6

I wasn’t sure what newsworthy actually meant, so I decided to look it up. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines newsworthy as anything ” interesting enough to the general public to warrant reporting.”  I think when most people hear the word “newsworthy” they think hard news, something important; at least I did. I think what makes a story newsworthy is not the story itself, but the people who will be reading the story. I think for one person something isn’t newsworthy and for another person it is. A young adult isn’t going to find news about the war or something on the local news as interesting as what’s going on in Hollywood. Personally, I think what makes something newsworthy is its purpose.  I feel as though to many articles are fluff today, not that everything has to be a hard-hitting news story, but it needs to matter. It needs to matter to more than one group of people. I want to be moved by what I’m reading in order to consider it a newsworthy piece. But I can see it from the dictionary’s definition as everything being relative.  A story is newsworthy when we the reader make it newsworthy. We as readers hold a lot of power over stories and articles. But when all is said and done, I do think “newsworthy” is defined as something that matters and isn’t something that will change in the next day such as who is dating who in Tinseltown.  But as I already said, “newsworthy stories” are all going to be different to whoever reads it or hears it. As long as the story matters, I think it’s “newsworthy.”

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