T.O.W 7

What advice would you offer to a student who is working on a resume or preparing for a job interview? Be sure to share links to three or more sites / blog posts that would be helpful for a PR student.

Since I am still working on all this myself, I would first say relax and learn as much as you can before hand. Some important things that I’ve learned have only been over the past two weeks, even though I’ve been hearing about resume writing for a long time. When writing a resume it’s important to only write a one page resume if you have less than ten years of experience. Since it’s a student, it is okay to leave your high school information on the resume. According to Purdue Owl.com, your resume should include: contact, Education, Experience and , Honors, activities, and outreach.  They also suggest you answer questions to yourself in order to answer questions that the employer make ask. Jennifer Abshire of Abshire Public Relations & Marketing says to leave off the objective and don’t use a generic template. Advice I would offer to those going into an interview are fairly simple. Dress to impress but be you in the process. Don’t wear chains and piercings and all that, but don’t change yourself so much that you would be uncomfortable and not be yourself while interviewing.  Be genuine when speaking. Allow the interviewer to see who you really are. When writing a resume, I would say don’t put anything on there that isn’t true. Meaning, if someone did a little digging , make what they find to be true. Be professional in the things you write and the way you act. I think the biggest thing while interviewing and making a resume are selling the best you and staying true to who you are throughout it.

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  1. When Barbara talked about creating a resume in class, I was really surprised when she said that your resume should be a page or less. I do think that it makes sense that you should only have a page or less, because no one wants to paw through pages and pages and pages of a resume, nor will they. Barbara even mentioned that if you have a thick resume, they won’t even give it the time of day. I have not created my resume yet, but I know that it is something that I need to take the time to do, and now that we talked about it in this class, I definitely feel more prepared. Thanks for the links! I will have to check them out!

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