T.O.W 8

 The Lead Lab

First semester I took Journalism, so I was pretty familiar with news leads but this course was very helpful to me. I really liked how each section was broken up and they broke down the basics I need to know for a good lead. I’ll be honest, I forgot some of the basic things of writing so it was a good refresher. I found that you are able to choose your lead based off certain criteria such as time, reader’s needs, and exclusivity.  I also learned that good leadsprovoke a question, which was something that I didn’t know.

There are several myths involved when writing a lead such as your lead should never begin with a quote and it must sum up the story in a paragraph.  Lead basics include the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story. Direct and Delayed are two types of leads.

What surprised me was that leads don’t have to be this amazingly written, prize-winning piece. It can be simple and still be great. It all depends on the story you’re writing about.  But at the same time there are so many ways to start a lead which is something that surprised me even though I know writers use different starters, I just didn’t realize how many ways there were.

I really want to learn more about how to write a good lead. I want to discover the art of grabbing the reader by the hand or whatever and leading them into my story or news release. I want to grip them with my lead and make them dive into the story.

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