T.O.W 8

Spring break is normally spent in Michigan with my family or with my basketball team somewhere at Nationals in the United States. This year was different. I didn’t get to go home and sadly my  team lost so there was no trip to Nationals. This spring break was spent in my dorm room with my sister-in-law Whitney. Whitney and my brother Steve married in July of 2008, but she and I have known each other since August of 2007.  It seems crazy to most people that I’m friends with my sister-in-law let alone wanting to spend an entire week with her. I was concerned about what we were going to do since she is three and a half months pregnant, I don’t know what you can and can’t do!! Things worked out though. We just had to do simple, non-strenuous things. We painted pottery and watched as many movies as you possibly imagine. There were some fun things to spending time with family such as shopping. I loved shopping! What girl doesn’t right? One thing though that will be a memory forever is the Titanic Experience in Orlando, FL. It was so much fun. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I walked in the place. Of course Celine Dion’s ” My Heart Will Go On” was playing and the man behind the counter was dressed as a cook and spoke with an Italian accent. We were taken on the whole Titanic experience seeing different rooms on the ship and even experiencing the night it sank. It was definitely worth my money. Even though I did a lot over the break, the best part was spending it with Whitney.

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