T.O.W 10

An Interview with Martin Waxman

I found that the interview was very helpful and very interesting to get to hear someone who is very deep within PR and get to see what his thoughts were. I really liked his three pillars for his public relations: simplicity, energy, and integrity.  I think that those are three things that are so important in public relations as well as very day life in whatever profession you may be in. I also learned that podcasts are very helpful and listening to him it doesn’t have to be formal, he records his in his home on a Sunday. It’s very interesting and cool to me. Basic knowledge of things are really important.

Something that really stood out to me was the need for basics. Ms. Nixon asked what  Mr. Waxman would look for in an intern or an employee and he said the understanding of traditional media. He said it’s not as big anymore, but it’s not going away completely so it’s important to have knowledge of that. Also it surprised me that it’s important for knowledge of social media by following blogs of professionals. I knew it would be important, however, I didn’t realize that would be something an employer would be looking for.  As I was listening I became more aware how much media has changed and how media is helpful and can hinder students or workers since we are so dependent on it. We can get flustered if it doesn’t work.

I would like to learn more about pr and how it changed over the past few years and how its going to change. Also, I want to know what people are looking for in a student learning about future pr ideas and whatnot for a job someday. What can I learn now that will help me later?

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