Chapter 9 Notes

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics by: Denis L. Wilcox and Glen  T. Cameron

Chapter 9

  • Public opinion research says that public opinion is the collective expression of opinion of many individual’s bound into a group of by common aims, aspirations, needs, and ideals.
  • Psychologically, opinion basically is determined by self-interest. Events, words, or other stimuli affect opinion only insofar as their relationship to self-interest or a general concern is apparent.
  • Opinion leaders are: highly interested in a subject or issue, better informed on an issue than the average person, are avid consumers of mass media, early adopters of new ideas, and good organizers who can get other people into action.
  • Persuasion is used to change or neutralize hostile opinions, crystallize latent opinions and positive attitudes, and conserve favorable opinions.
  • Public Relations practitioners should have knowledge of audience analysis, source credibility, appeal to self-interest, clarity of message, timing and context, audience participation, suggestions for action, content and structure of messages, and persuasive speaking.
  • There are several ways associated with propaganda: plain folks, testimonial, bandwagon, card stacking, transfer, and glittering generalists.
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One Response to Chapter 9 Notes

  1. Brittany rollings says:

    I would have to agree that one’s opinion is clearly based on their self interest. Obviously, if you feel strongly opposed to a certain topic you are going to state your feelings of negativity toward it. Or an example would be that you love an artist’s music and maybe because you enjoy their music you have a postive opinion of that person. Your friend likes another artist whose music and style is much different from your choice so maybe you do not favor that artist as well.

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