Chapter 9 Notes

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox

Chapter 9

  • For the public relations writer who wants to reach both mass and specialize audiences effectively can find many opportunities through radio and television.
  • Since it lacks the glamour of television and popularity of the internet, Radio is not always the go-to medium that public relations people use when planning an information campaign.
  • Timing is vital when it comes to radio news releases.
  • Audio news releases come in two forms: am actuality which someone with a good radio voice reads the entire announcement; he or she may or may not be identified.  The second is a soundbite which features the voice of a satisfied customer, a celebrity, or a company spokesperson.
  • Some helpful rules for successful radio and television placement are: topicality, timeliness, localization, humanization, and visual appeal.
  • Public Service Announcements or PSAs are short broadcast announcements used by nonprofit groups and public agencies.
  • Television can be a great medium to use when communicating with the public.
  • Ways groups and organizations can get more exposure is by utilizing community calendars, radio promotions, creative publicity ideas, and documentaries.
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