T.O.W 12

For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #539

I listened to the April 1st podcast from The Hobson & Holtz Report and even though it was April Fool’s, they did not play any jokes but did discuss some that took place. Donna Papacosta was a guest host for the show. There was a lot discussed on the show but there were several big stories that stuck out to me.  One topic covered in the podcast was Facebook and how everyone’s personal information such as e-mail addresses were visible online for a while a few days ago. There is now more security up.

The conversation moved to expanding the internet to now include our microwaves all the way to cars. We now how the ability to track our electronics on the computer such as hooking up your scale to the internet and having everyone see how much you weigh and they then are able to track how you’re progressing. This is some from IBM.

I was a little confused on the main topic they talked about but it’s a website called Unvarnished ultimately telling us we have no control over our personal brand. It’s almost like a Facebook friend connector. There has been a lot going on with Facebook and through this site they can take down anything inappropriate or vial. In a CNN story, people are now changing their names or the spellings of their names in order to “protect themselves” from having people ,i.e. their boss, see what they’re doing online.  There is now targeting on a professional level.

Another story covered was about Transit Auto workers in Toronto calling town hall meetings for passengers and employees to work out issues or whatever problem they may have. It started when passengers started making videos of employees slacking on the job which included sleeping and leaving the bus to get a coffee. They also discussed the services of Four Square.

I think listening to podcasts can benefit PR students or new PR practitioners by giving them an outlet into the media that is simple and easy to use. Podcasts provide relevant information for a PR person and can keep them up to date on issues. It also allows a person to learn throughout the show depending on the topics discussed. Podcasts can immerse a student or practitioner into the world of public relations by giving them information that they would deal with on the job.

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2 Responses to T.O.W 12

  1. mbboulware says:

    It’s funny I listened to some of their podcasts too and going into it I had preconceptions about what it would be like. I was surprised by some of the topics and it sounds like you were too. I was unpleasantly surprised, I just didn’t know they would jump around so much in their topics. I didn’t know, though, that Facebook let information slip. That’s scary because that makes me wonder if other websites that actually have important information could have errors like that. Listening to things like this are useful for information, it is almost like news in an audio clip! I might just start listening to more of them.

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