T.O.W 12

Interview with Kneale Mann

After listening and watching the podcast, I was presently surprised at how comfortable Kneale Mann made me feel about blogging and public relations/ communications in general. I learned that communications is changing and a lot depends on how you define media.  These days it’s a lot harder to get a managerial position since everyone is self-published. Much of what I learned where things that surprised me as well. He talked about writing a blog about things that interest you and/or things that you like i.e. Professor Nixon likes NASCAR so she could blog about that. Mr. Mann also said to keep writing. I thought everything you wrote had to serve a specific purpose, but I learned that you need to just keep writing ; write stuff. Another thing that also stuck out to me was that Mr. Mann said to take time and to comment on other people’s blogs.  After hearing this I would really like to learn how to become a better blogger and learn to get comfortable with just writing online. It seems very foreign to me so I need to learn to accept it and try.  I would also like to learn more about some of the authors that were talked about. They seemed like they would be good and helpful books to read to help me with this profession and get me more educated.

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4 Responses to T.O.W 12

  1. brhuis says:

    I found your post to be interesting, especially the part about relating your writing to your own personal interests. This seems to be a recurring theme among several of the speakers we have heard, and also with presentations in class. I have been encouraged to hear this, because public relations or any career can seem boring until you personalize it and incorporate your own interests. It’s nice to know that there is actually a way to make that happen, as long as you just get a little creative.

    It’s also interesting to think about how communication is changing and where it will be in the future. Some people still frown upon blogging as an acceptable form of writing, but I can only wonder what other innovations will come next. After taking COMM 2322, I have seen just what an impact blogging currently has, and the impact that it can potentially have, as well.

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  3. djhughes10 says:

    I remember listening to my first Podcast which was in PR class with prof. Nixon. I was surprised how natural it felt to listen. It felt like the people were sitting right in front me just talking the topic at hand. Podcasts are really enjoyable especially on whatever preferred speaker or topic whether it is PR, religion, radio gossip, music topics, etc. I’m looking forward to listening to more in the near future.

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