Chapter 10-11 Notes

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox

Chapter 10 Notes

  • There are several different media databases that provide important information such as names of publications and broadcast stations, mailing addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and names of key editors and reporters.
  • Media databases an also tell you when to approach publications with specific stories.
  • Editorial calendars are often used by trade publications and business periodicals.
  • Today’s primary distribution channels are email, online newsrooms, electronic newswires, mat distribution companies, and photo placement firms.
  • Contact information, corporate background, news releases and media kits, multimedia guides , search capability all combine to make up on online newsroom.
  • Publicity materials are often sent through mail, or snail mail.

Chapter 11

  • The core activity in many public relations jobs is media relations.
  • Public relations professionals and journalists have had a long time love-hate relationship.
  • Almost 60 % of journalists felt that the biggest problem was public relations people who were “unfamiliar”  with the editorial requirements and format.
  • Some questions to ask during media interviews are “Who are you?”, “What is the story about?” , or “Are you going to use my comments in your story?”
  • The two main reasons for holding a press conference are to give all media an opportunity to hear the announcement at the same time and to provide a setting where reporters can ask follow-up questions.
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