T.O.W 14

10 Tips For Writing Effective New Releases

  1. It’s good to make sure your information is newsworthy.
  2. Don’t use generic words when describing your company, get specific.
  3. Use creative and descriptive words to grab the editors attention.
  4. Avoid fancy words and too many adjectives.
  5. Deal with the facts of your company or story.
  6. The first 10 words are the most important, so make sure they count.
  7. Try and look for innovative ways to link your news release with current events happening or news.
  8. Ask the question ” Who cares?” What would make your audience be interested in the article?
  9. If you have a lot information, break it up into a few news releases instead of piling it all into one long article.
  10. Always follow the AP Stylebook  for major things such as dates, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc.
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2 Responses to T.O.W 14

  1. I enjoyed reading through your tips for effective new release writing. One of your tips that specifically caught my eye is the one that says, “the first 10 words are the most important, so make sure they count.” I have found that this is so true. From the different speakers that have come to our class, as well as what Barbara has taught us, it is so important to catch the reader’s attention immediately. I also liked your point that said to ask yourself, “Who cares”. This allows you to test for yourself whether your news release is newsworthy. Thanks so much for the post!

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