Social Media News Release- Final Project

Social Media News Release

As media continues to progress with all the new technology, pr media is not far behind in its advances in multi-media news releases. One of those advances is a social media news release. A social media news release is essentially a normal news release with the addition of photos, video, and audio which are added for creativity and to catch the reader’s eye. According to Realwire, a social media news release is ” a press release format designed for the online media world.” A SMNR is written with the press in mind, but it isn’t limited to them but is written to all forms of the media such as journalists, bloggers, the public, and publishers. This online tool will be very helpful in the world of business and pr today. SMNR’s have taken boring old news releases and spiced them up to make them enjoyable for all users and subscribers.

When writing SMNR’s, remember to include links to pages that use key words a lot throughout the page. Also, when releasing your work use services that carry hyperlinks to downstream sites such as Yahoo! Finance and AOL News. You also have to remember when writing not to go over board with links on the page which could confuse journalists and draw the reader’s attention elsewhere. Pictures need to be in high-resolution not low resolution. Also, the bells and whistles shouldn’t be the main focus of the page, the message should be.

When looking at Social media news releases, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. The idea of social media news releases are fairly new so the disadvantages are dimly seen. SMNR’s put press releases, etc right at your fingertips. It makes it easy to find and easy to use online. Information is very easy to share and to access with SMNR’s which normal news releases wouldn’t be able to do. The only disadvantage I can think of is it someone isn’t as familiar with all the technology, they may not be able to access the information like someone who can navigate the internet really well.

PR practitioners should consider when using SMNR’s that they open up a whole new world and a whole new audience that may not have read their news releases before hand.  It adds a whole new dynamic to the work that pr practitioners can do.  More and more people use the internet as means to find the information they are looking for instead of a newspaper. Times are rapidly changing and SMNR’s allow practitioners to keep up and stay current with what’s going on in the world around them.  I think it’s also useful and beneficial since it offers your client more variety in what you can do for them concerning their business, organization, function, etc.

Several websites can offer help in creating social media news releases. PitchEngine or PRXbuilder which Professor Nixon informed us about are very helpful in making a SMNR. Other sites include Pressitt or Infopinions .

I said previously, when writing SMNR’s remember to include links to pages, place terms in proper positions like in first paragraphs, and distribute your release through a service that carries hyperlinks to site like Yahoo! Financial and Netscape.  Don’t get too crazy with links on your page. Again, don’t use low-resolution images, and focus mainly on the message and then add the other things to make the page pop.

Other websites I used to find information include:

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