Chapter 15 & 16 Notes

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron

Chapter 15

  • Broadcasting and the many different forms it comes in  is important because they reach the vast majority of the American public on a daily basis.
  • Radio news releases are written for the ear which is how they differ  from print media news releases.
  • Topicality, timeliness, localization, humanization, and visual appeal are all needed in making a good technological story.
  • Public service announcements are used with non-profit organizations for radio stations.
  • There are approx. 5,000 video news releases a yearly in the United States.
  • A few things to remember when creating a VNR is to keep the video to about 90 seconds, have a lot of B-roll, and have a script written with all the information needed.
  • Product placement is becoming more and more frequent in television shows and movies.
  • Public relations  need to take advantage of the web for publicity. This includes blogs and podcasts.

Chapter 16

  • It is important when your client is getting ready for an interview that you prepare them for what may occur.
  • There is a significance between print and radio interviews.
  • In a print interview, the interviewee is interpreted by the journalist as opposed to having only the audience to judge.
  • Cindy Sullivan, director of communications for Cymfony, says to “be concise and staying on message is a skill spokespeople need to learn.”
  • News conferences can be held almost anywhere where they give the media a collective opportunity to interview the person.
  • It is also two-way communication.
  • When writing a speech, it should be conversational, concise, and clear.
  • Visual aids can help a speech and enable listeners to retain more information given to them.
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