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#1- Does your worst typo top these? By: Taja Nicole

I really enjoyed reading your blog about Grammar Girl and typos. I know that I can rely too much on the fact that the computer will take care of any mistakes I make, but often do forget that it is a “man made machine” and it doesn’t always understand what I’m trying to say. I do think it’s an excellent idea to have people proofread your work before handing it in; It is true that we don’t all slow down and take pride in making sure our work is absolutely the best it can be,and I think that’s where we run into mistakes.

comment #2

Mallory Boulware


I agree with you on these ads. The whole propaganda scene back in the early 1900’s was incredible on how they were able to persuade people to buy things and to act a certain way. These ads seem fairly innocent though compared to the later years of propaganda in the 1930’s and 40’s when Hitler began to really use it. After reading the ads, it’s almost funny and entertaining because it seems so absurd. In today’s advertising world, I don’t think ads like this could be used without being taken offensively. I feel as though ads and propoganda will take off and never look like the ads full of propoganda again.

#3- By: Mikel

What annoying phrase do you use??!

I completely agree with the list of sayings that people need to stop using, but sadly I use some of the those words! It’s really true though that we should quit using them, it seems like its unnecessary that we use some of them. What happened to full sentences and not being crude when we talked to one another? I will say though that most people, myself included, probably won’t stop using some of the words just because it’s part of our culture now and it’s difficult to break habits. But now that I know most of the words are on a list of words to stop using, I am really going to try and stop!

#4- Rena Kosiek

I remember watching that video in class and I was rather shocked by it. You don’t think that back then pseudo events would have been so big and have made such an impact. I feel like this whole event ignited the pseudo event train for the United States. I feel with this particular event, dealing with smoking and women, it gave women a sense of power and the ability to stand up and say “I am woman , hear me roar!” I am all for promoting a product, but I don’t necessarily agree with how they went about the event and what they decided to promote on a personal level. However, on a PR level I say well done to those in charge because they achieved what they set out to do.

#5 Maintaining a Good Reputation During a Crisis by Michelle White


The whole Nestle ordeal has really been a good eye opener as far as managing crisis is concerned in pr. I know after hearing about it and seeing all the things they are dealing with, I’m glad that I’m learning about it so I know how to handle myself later in my career. Before class I didn’t know there were four types of crisis that could possibly take place; it was really interesting to listen and learn about it. I agree with what you said about the pr department having to keep a close eye on things or it could back fire, I think it’s important for people in pr to know how to handle situations and be confident in themselves to know they are doing what’s right.
I definitely agree with you on PROpen Mic. I wasn’t sure what it was at first until I really started to search and learn more about the purpose behind the site. It’s a site that will provide a lot of helpful tips and also open doors for college students like us to make connections for when we graduate. I think it’s cool, like you said, how it has a Facebook or Myspace feel but for a professional audience. It made things easy to find and also keeps you interested with it not being just another website for adults or pr professionals but for handy for students.

#7 Jeff Houck

by gilboy629


I really enjoyed Jeff in class too. I thought he was very honest about his job, but I think to many people aren’t honest these days and I was really glad he was open about the different things he likes and doesn’t like; and also what we as students and someday as pr professionals should do. I think sometimes, we over-think and forget that the simple things can be the biggest things that will make or break us getting our stories published. Spelling is a really big thing, it’s true. I feel that since we have spell check we don’t double check things anymore which is going to hurt us in the long run for not taking a few more seconds and double checking our work for spelling and facts.

#8 A hug from Taylor Swift… by Tara Parker


Wow, that’s really cool. I think it’s awesome that the two guys are willing to go above and beyond to meet Taylor Swift. I guess it seems as though people are still willing to work for what they want in today’s day in age. I also like the fact that Taylor Swift cares enough about her fans to find out about what they’re doing and that she is willing to fulfill their wish. But I do think it’s a good idea to make them do different challenges that benefit other people. Clearly she isn’t in it for just fame but to help people too. At least that what I hope she’s doing.



Topic of the Week, Week 12 by : Matthew Caudill

I am not a Mac/ Apple person because I grew up with PC’s and I like how they work. But ever since I’ve been in Florida everyone has Macs and now the Ipad it’s crazy! If I would have listened to the podcast I would have been really turned off by all of it, that’s my honest opinion; but I recently was able to talk to someone who owns an Ipad and I have to say…I like them. It has a lot of great stuff on it and I can see why people have them. However, I will say the hype behind all the gadgets seems a little ridiculous to me, there are so many ads out there promoting all these products it’s no wonder why so many people have them and want them.


ch 12 Notes

By blrollings2010

I can hardly remember a time before computers and the internet. That said, if I think life would be difficult if the internet suddenly went away I can’t imaging how hard it would be for journalists, pr professionals, and advertising agencies to not have the world at their finger tips to sell their product or get their information out there. I feel without new media and the Web companies wouldn’t be thriving as much and connections wouldn’t be as strong or even made possibly without such technologies. As technology progresses, I think it may get easier and possibly more difficult for those in pr and other professions that use new media.

#11- Visual Learning by Emmanuel Colon

Visual Learning is a neat way of putting infographics. I didn’t think about it in that way. I agree with you how a bunch of facts can be intimidating and difficult to remember sometimes, but the use of pie charts and bars can be really helpful to the memory process and it’s going to benefit you since people will be paying attention to whatever presentation you happen to be making. I feel as though a lot of people are visual learners so the use of visual objects could be very beneficial to those in schools and in the work place. In pr, I think it’s a great way to get your information across without boring the client and it gets straight to the point which is what you want.

#12 Podcasts by Noelle Cottom


I completely agree with what you said. Before this class I had never listened to a podcast nor did I ever really want to or did I ever think I would have to for anything. But after hearing a few I think they are such a great thing to have access to as a student and then going out into the pr field after graduation. There is so much knowledge to be absorbed from the podcasts that I almost don’t know what to do with it all. I do agree that you have to find one’s that fit your interests the best and that you get the most out of when listening. From the one’s I’ve listened to they always have good and helpful information which would benefit anyone who listens.



Three words every PR pro should ban by Daniell De Boulay

I normally don’t use those particular words, but I do know I can over use certain words too. I think especially in news releases some people may try to use big words and really accentuate whatever they’re talking about which can lead to over used words. The words “excited,” “thrilled” and “honored” I do agree are over used but I can almost see how they would be since they are “safe” words that everyone can interpret in the correct way. I’m going to try to make sure I don’t use those words or over use any other words.

#14 by Rena Kosiek

T.O.W Things that are annoying to journalists

After looking up and reading about all the ways that journalists get annoyed with pr professionals, I realized that all the things they do are probably part of their normal work day and the ways they normally would do. I doubt most pr professionals are concerned with spelling in their news release, it’s probably a thought of the journalist will fix it and make it look nice. But I think with all the problems between the two professions they can be fixed with simple communication and taking time to review and learn things. I definitely agree with you that by learning to do the proper things relationships will be better in return.



Inspiration of the day: Seth Godin’s Blog by Lisa McLaughlin

I haven’t had the chance to hear anything by Seth Godin, but I feel like anything that challenges your thinking can be a good thing. I think to many times these days, we don’t try to think outside the box. I think it’s great that he’s challenging you to look at things differently. We all need that at times…something to cause us to rethink things and take a step back and find the good in life again. I do agree that it should be implemented in the pr field, but I think you can’t forget to remember the basics that made the pr profession. I will definitely have to check out his blogs to learn more and hopefully look at things outside the box too.
#16: Tara Parker  (4/26/10)

Podcast Galore

I don’t know about you but I didn’t listen to podcasts before this class. Since I’ve been in the class and started listening to them, I realized how helpful they are. I’ve mainly stuck to Hobson and Hotlz, but I know other podcasts have a lot of great information and are really useful to pr students. I think you see the difference of the two podcasts even in the name. Up and Comings is just that up and coming ideas and glimpses into the future. While Hobson and Holtz isn’t boring, you can tell from the title that it isn’t going to be a wild show with lots of stuff going on. I do think it’s great that there are so many different types of podcasts out there so that we won’t ever have to miss a thing.
#17: Brittany Rollings  (4/26/10)
I definitely have to agree with you and slightly disagree at the same time. I do think as children we have this sheet over our eyes where we almost feel like nothing can touch us. We don’t realize that people can hurt us and our opinion’s do mean something. I’m slightly the opposite of you in the sense that when I was younger I had a difficult time speaking up, it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to speak up and talk about my opinions. I agree that we don’t need to fear anyone with first impressions, however, it’s important to make sure of your surroundings and use caution when first meeting someone. I do think we need to stop worrying about making fool’s of ourselves and worrying about what other people think. We need to be who God made us to be, not matter what the situation.
#18: Danielle Suarez  (4/26/10)

I am with you on that! I didn’t know how to use Twitter before class either. I thought, ” What is the point of this..isn’t is basically Facebook?” I learned that it definitely wasn’t just Facebook. As we got farther into the year with using Twitter I did realize that it can be a great asset to any pr person as far as their job goes. It keeps you connected with others in the pr field. The links and tips are great tools for learning and getting connected. I don’t know whether in the future I’ll use Twitter for personal reasons, but I will definitely use it from a career stand point.

#19: Kayla White (4/26/10)

T.O.W 2

I think so many people struggle with fillers, I know that I do. It’s become such a big part of our language to use words like ” like or um.” I feel like to get rid of these from our daily vocabulary, we do have to make a conscious effort not to use them. I definitely agree with the three pieces of advice given, because I think they’re right on the money with helping us to stop. Most of the time we use fillers because we are trying to figure something else out to talk about, but instead of waiting in silence we pick a word that doesn’t mean anything to fill the void between a breath and the next topic. That goes along with the third point, we need to be confidence enough in ourselves, and I’m speaking to myself, to just leave out the fillers. We should all take a stab at doing the three points they gave to see if it makes a difference in our speaking.

#20: Michelle White (4/26/10)

PR Connection with Jeff Houck

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed hearing Jeff speak. He seemed so real and as if he genuinely enjoyed what he did. The things he said not only affected journalists and pr professionals, but also us as students. We are learning everything now for what we will need to know later. I really enjoyed how he gave us basic things we would need to know and use,and the basic things are what will take us really far in the business world.

#21: Tiffany Harris (4/26/10)

Papa, Papa Paparazzi

I love the title of your post!! I hate to admit that sometimes I don’t think about the pictures we see with news releases and feature stories, maybe because I have become so desensitized to the fact that pictures are a big deal. This isn’t to say that I don’t realize the picture is there, but it’s more the fact that I don’t realize how much of an impact a photo can make on a project. A picture is worth a thousand as they say and I agree with the book that the picture must be newsworthy. We can’t just expect the picture to not do anything. It’s better to leave the picture as is because when you change it, it completely compromises your story or news release. Photos have lots of power and contain the ability to grab peoples attention towards your product.

#22: Noelle Cottom (4/26/10)

Interviews, and leaving your mark!

It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by, and even crazier as how fast it will be out in the real world living our lives that the past four years will have prepared us for. I’ve only done two job interviews in my life, so I am not expert by any means. Finding a job these days is going to be problematic maybe due to our economy. I think we all need to learn proper interviewing techniques. I agree with you, #7 is one of the things that stuck out to me as well. I think everyone forgets that it doesn’t have to be an awkward time,it can be relaxed and even enjoyable.

#23: Daniell De Bouley (4/26/10)

The World Wide Web

The internet amazes me to no end. How does the whole thing work? It just doesn’t seem possible does it? Almost all types of media are on the world wide web now. The web is and can be so helpful to spread information and make connections. Journalists are definitely people who benefit from the internet with all the information is offers and the connections they can make when writing a story. The thing that sticks out to me is to write as you would talk. I know that when writing a regular story, it’s frowned upon to write like you talk. I love how the world wide web allows you to be who you are, or anyone you want to be really.

#24: Tara Duffy (4/26/10)

A Reporter’s Ethical System

I think as a journalist most people would think it’s okay to show this video, however, as far as I am concerned I wouldn’t be able to show it because he is dying. It doesn’t seem right to release and show the video to the world when his family may not even know what has happened yet. I think journalists need to think about everything they do before actually put a video or story out there for everyone to read. I do feel as though you need to come up with a rule as to how far you are willing to go for a story. It may cost you a job in the future, but I know in order for me to sleep at night I’m staying to true to who I was before I became a journalist.

#25: Whitney Gonzalez  (4/26/10)

What do I say to Pros?

I think this is a great post. I think we do get tongue tied and nervous when it comes to those who are in the profession. The best way and easiest way to get better at anything is, what you said, to practice. As long as we become familiar with our surroundings and the people around us, we don’t need to worry about it.  All of the suggestions offered are really helpful for not only a job someday, but even right now in college because we are always conversing with professors or other students. We need to get comfortable with our interpersonal communication skills. I think we learn more from doing at times than just watching and reading how to become good at skills. We just have to keep working at it until we become comfortable, because as they say…”practice makes perfect.”

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