Top 10 List of things I learned this year in COMM 2322

Top 10 list of things I learned this year

  1. There are five skills that you need to have in PR. You need to have knowledge of PR, knowledge of current events, knowledge of business, knowledge of management and leadership, and knowledge of writing. I’ve learned by possessing these skills it can help further you in your career or even before that and help you get a job.
  2. Having an emergency plan is important. You should have it ready and available just in case something should go wrong. You should create an emergency kit that will entail everything about your company including a list of members, contact info, fact sheets, profiles and biographies, copies of logos, and pre-written scripts. By having all these in place, it can help reduce my stress and help things to flow better.
  3. AP Style is key when writing anything in public relations or in journalism. You should always double-check your work a few times before submitting it for errors.
  4. Relationships and contacts are important to make and to keep. You have to initiate contacts and nurture the relationships. Eventually you will get to the point where you don’t pitch a story anymore but just have conversations about stories.
  5. Remember your audience when writing. You’ll want to change your approach if writing to a business v. a school.
  6. Public relations writers can communicate through a more personal way such as e-mail, memos, letters, phone calls, or face-to-face communications instead of through and with a large audience.
  7. To be an effective communicator, a person must have basic knowledge of: what constitutes communication and how people receive messages, how people process information and change their perceptions, and what kinds of media and communication tools are most appropriate for a particular message.
  8. Learn from others and what they want. When writing for a client, you need to make sure you include what they want and make them happy.
  9. R.A.C.E which stands for Research, Action ( make plans), Communication, and Evaluation.
  10. Communication should be appropriate, meaningful, memorable, understandable, and believable.

This year was really about discovering the world of pr and learning as much as I can. I really enjoyed this year and just the knowledge I’ve gained from this class.

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