The New York Times had an article online about how networking online is actually hurting us and taking away from being social, even though it’s a social network we are all using. One crazy stat they gave was defined in the study as ages 12 through 17 — send 50 or more text messages a day and that one-third send more than 100 a day. ( NY Times, 2010.) This is a wake up call to me, I guess I never realized how being on social networks takes away from actually being social.  They are worried about children and their quality of interaction may diminish due to Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.  I can testify that sometimes I talk to my brothers more through Facebook or texting more than talking to them on the phone or seeing them, and I do think it affects the relationship because you are missing that intimacy factor of interacting with people. I’ll be interested to see as new technology comes out how our interactions with one another are affected.

New York Times: Antisocial Networking?

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One Response to Antisocial-networking

  1. mikefromva says:

    It’s crazy how social-networking has become such a major part of our lives! We have truly become addicted to it in a sense, but the sad thing is that so many younger people find their confidence in these things like facebook and myspace, stuff like that. Great post, I think it’s good that more people are noticing our lack of social skills due to the time we spend online.

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