Did you know?!

I know we watched this video in class, but I still can’t get over all the information in it and then to top it off, 70% of the presentation was false. I feel like our society is going down hill because it’s so easy to lie about information on the internet and we believe it most of the time. This video is really an eye opener for me.

Did you know?

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2 Responses to Did you know?!

  1. taraparker1 says:

    When we were watching that video in class I was watching all of those statistics fly by and I was amazed. Then at the end they said 70% of them were made up and I was relieved. It is crazy to think though that when we hear things we often times believe it without researching it for ourselves. It’s so important to check out facts especially as a PR professionals because if the facts are wrong it’s going to be our fault and no one else’s. A lot of times in today’s society we have to dig to find the truth.

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