Earth Day, I celebrate you!

Recently it was Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day and Earth Month Coca-Cola decided to dive into a new social media campaign by joining with Facebook fans which will give donations to Ocean Conservancy by a new app. Check out the link to their website with more information.


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3 Responses to Earth Day, I celebrate you!

  1. This was great, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing this. Since I am somewhat of a hippie/nature girl at heart, I love celebrating Earth Day! I think it’s cool that you shared a link for a FaceBook cause… it’s ironic since I was just reading earlier today about how important it is for non-profit organizations to use the “Causes” feature on FaceBook to stir more interest.

  2. ecologne says:

    This is something that seems needed, especially after the oil spill in the ocean that recently happened. It was pretty ironic how a lot of the danger became possible on Earth Day. Coke definitely has the money and the means to accomplish something like this, and I think teaming up with Facebook is an even smarter method that would help the cause. It’s interesting when you see these big name corporations resort to how much of a vital role social media can play in these campaigns over the years. You really see a lot more of this going on as sites like Facebook become available to more and more people.

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