I feel bad for Kate Gosselin

I really do feel bad for Kate. Life just doesn’t seem to be going very well for her in the media. Recently, the release of her new book didn’t do so well, only selling 10, 084 copies. For those of you who don’t know…that’s not a good number.  I will give it up to her in the fact that she is in just about every different media outlet out there today. She knows how to market herself or has a very good pr person.  I think at some point they all need to draw a line and put the kids first above sales and celebrity status.

Kate Gosslin

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One Response to I feel bad for Kate Gosselin

  1. I totally agree! I used to keep up with Jon & Kate Plus Eight all the time… it was one of my favorite shows! However, it was super discouraging when everything started to go downhill for them, and I could tell that is was really affecting the children, especially the older twins. I think reality shows for children are completely inappropriate, and that Jon and Kate will look back on this, regretful of the decisions they made.

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