P.R. Connection- Jeff Houck

A while back in class Jess Houck from The Tampa Tribune spoke to our PR Applications class discussing some of the basics of public relations and everything a long with it. The tops things Jeff talked to us about were:

  1. Embargo dates: He told us never to send embargo dates on our news releases, etc.
  2. Jeff discussed 4 Square which is a networking site.
  3. He made the point that not everyone will be honest.
  4. Don’t sell your product or story.
  5. Developing relationships is really important.
  6. When e-mailingĀ  headlines, use something catchy so that people won’t automatically think it’s spam or delete it.
  7. Fact to Face is important
  8. Jeff made the point that relationships are key. It takes time, but it’s a good idea to develop relationships between journalists and pr professionals.
  9. Deadlines are important to keep. Always submit on time and don’t be late because your story probably won’t make it into whatever media service you submitted it to.
  10. Jeff really encouraged us to be passionate about whatever it is we are doing or writing.

I really enjoyed Jeff because he made the profession seem tough, but at the same time easy to survive in if we remember simple but key things when working.

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