PR Connection: Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume

I stumbled across this article on Yahoo and thought it was really interesting. I think this list seems like it could really help with one’s resume. Check it out at

1. Learn a language

2. Enroll in an acting or improvisation workshop

3. Learn something new

4. Turn a hobby into a business

5. Volunteer

6. Write

7. Get physical

8. Get social

9. Explore a new career

10. Be creative

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2 Responses to PR Connection: Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume

  1. The title of this blog caught my eye since I have been working a lot on my resume over the past semester. I am currently always looking for ways to make my resume better, so I am able to land that dream job! My favorite on this list was to learn a new language. This is something I am determined to do! I would like to be able to be fluent in either Spanish or French someday soon, so I am able to more easily communicate when I travel for missionary journalism.

  2. whitness07 says:

    Great post Jen. Since I do speak another language, I do enjoy writing that I can fluently speak, write and read Spanish. I believe it does help a whole lot because you become a resource that is beneficial for the company that you work for.

    Creativity is ideal! While a manager looks over piles of resumes, they must all blur together after a while. If you create something that they enjoy reading, then they surely will enjoy working with you so they will, more likely than not, offer you the job that you applied for.

    Learning new things just shows that you are willing to learn from others and are not afraid of failing. Never thought of that before but it would look really great on a resume.

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