PR Connection- Relativity

A few months back I attended a seminar that discussed relativity, and there quite a few good points made from the main speaker.

If morality is permissible, then anything is possible. We also talked about that fact that morality isn’t relative. Atheists believe that Christians are creating a problem. A lot of horrible yet great leaders such as Stalin, Lennon, and Meo Zedong all believe in applying social Darwinism, ” might makes right,” is their basic idea. We find out who people are when they are reacting.

The post-modern claim is that there is no truth.

The speaker then dove into the ideas of Moral Relativism. An easy way to describe it is ice cream. Ice cream is something that you like, so choose what you like. (Good for you) Insulin is what you have to pick to get better. There is right and wrong about it.

Moral claims are like ice cream, there are no right and wrong answers to these things. Objectivism treats morality as insulin; we can’t wish things away, they are still there.

Several arguments against moral relativism are “If relativism is true, there is no obligation to be tolerant.” ” We can therefor throw out political correctness.” I also learned that “there is no morality and it’s wrong to act like there is.”

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