The I-pad..yeah it’s pretty awesome!

So I know I’m a little late on responding to the latest Apple craze of the I-pad. I am not a very big tech whiz, so I didn’t really care what it did or how it worked. That was until I was able to see one and hold one for myself, needless to say it changed my outlook on the whole I-pad mania. I think it’s an amazing piece of hardware! It acts as an I-phone without having to worry about answering calls, but has all the same capabilities just like the I-phone does. Internet, an I-pod, etc. This seems like an awesome contraption. Now after saying that I really enjoy looking at it and using it, I most likely wouldn’t buy one.  I’m not the type of person to go buy something because it’s highly promoted, which it was, so I have no desire to purchase one just because everyone else is. Kudos to Apple for creating another product that makes us all drool, I thank you!

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One Response to The I-pad..yeah it’s pretty awesome!

  1. Over Easter break, I had the opportunity to play around with an iPad for a little bit, since one of my friends had just gotten one. I was not impressed as much as I thought I would be, to say the least. I think it is too similar to the iPhone, and is a waste of money, at least for a college student like me! I won’t deny how amazing the technology is, however… I can’t wait to see what Apple will come up with in 10 years!

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