What does a Public Relations firm provide?

Even though I’ve been learning about the pr world, I still wasn’t quite clear on what a pr firm provided for their clients. In our textbook Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, chapter 4, I was able to read about it and I found that they provide a lot of services.

One service that they provide is marketing communications which involves promotion of products and services through such tools as news release, feature stories, special events, brochures, and media tours. A second thing they do is executive speech training where top executives are coached on public affairs activities, including personal appearances.

Research and evaluation is another area that they handle where scientific surveys are conducted to measure public attitudes and perceptions.  Crisis communication is where management is counseled on what to say and do in an emergency such as an oil spill or recall on an unsafe product.

PR firms also do events management where news conferences, anniversary celebrations, rallies, symposiums, and national conferences are planned and conducted. Public Affairs, branding and corporate reputations, and financial relations are also provided through pr firms.

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