Chapter 1 Reading Notes

Chapter 1 Reading Notes

  • A persons reputation is made up of both behavior and performance as well as communication
  • There are five strategies for building your repuation: Target key areas that really matter to your organization.  Target the leaders but do not stop there. Identify the emerging players. Use your organizational resources. Always be the first to tell the “news” to your constituency—particularly  if it is bad news.
  • There are 10 precepts of reputation management: Know and honor your organization’s intrinsic identity. Know and honor your constituents. Build the safeguards strong and durable, for they are the infrastructure of a strong reputation. Beware the conflict of interest, for it can mortally wound your organization. Beware of the “CEO Disease,” because there is no treatment for it. Beware of organizational myopia, for it will obscure the long-term view Be slow to forgive an action or inaction that hurts reputation. Do not lie. Dance with the one that “brung” you. Reputation is an asset and must be managed like other asset.
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