T.O.W 2

Comments are such an integral part of blogs because without them most of the time the words written are just empty words. Until they are read by someone and felt by someone it doesn’t feel like anyone is listening, which is half the reason to have a blog.  It has the ability to strike up a conversation or spark a debate. Comments give depth to a bloggers writing and give them more incentive to keep writing. I think it’s important to write on other people’s blogs and not just wait for people to write on yours. By writing on other blogs, you give people a reason to read yours as well.

To write effective blog comments I would say to read over the blog and make sure you understand what’s being talked about. Comments shouldn’t be “Hey, I like your comment.” You comments should mean something and give the blogger feedback on what they’ve posted. If you have suggestions, then tell them. If you liked it, tell them what you liked about their post. Now, if you didn’t like something you have to be careful of how to respond. Even if you didn’t like something there is no reason to be nasty and mean when saying you don’t. It’s important to say what you feel but not bash the post and not give reasons behind why you didn’t like it. You can express how you feel, but there is a certain decorum we should follow when commenting.

Commenting should be an expression of feelings toward a particular post, so express yourself and let those writing know how they’re doing and if their work impacted you or not. We are all going to start blogging now in class and  it would  be nice for people to read your things too and comment on yours. So to get started even if it’s pretty simple that’s okay, just work your way up to the larger comments.

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2 Responses to T.O.W 2

  1. jgjonespr says:

    Hey Jennifer! Great post! I couldn’t agree more with you about commenting. I think commenting can benefit both the reader and the blogger. How will bloggers know anyone even reading if they don’t get comments? I have a photography blog myself, and I sometimes I do not know how people feel about it – because they do not leave comments. Of course I get discouraged – but then I find out through talking with people that so many of them are looking at my blog, but just never leave comments. Comments can truly help bloggers enhance and perfect their blog by knowing the feedback of others.

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