Social Media: Friend or Foe? T.O.W 4

Social Media: Friend or Foe?

I listened to the podcast discussing social media and whether or not it is an asset or not. For the most part it seems like Social Media is a friend, but it can raise a few concerns along the way.  A panel was assembled which included Mark Ragan, David Biesack, Shel Holtz, Vida Killian, Terry McKenzie, and Jim Ylisela who all discussed social media and how it would affect a company

Social Media caused many concerns for the company which were covered and discussed to make sense of it all. One thing they brought up was that the CEO, company, employees should all care that customers want to know. They should also get to know how people feel. Social media is all about building relationships. “If they know we are listening, they will stay with us.”

A concern the CEO brought up was that he doesn’t have enough time and wanted to know who would write the blogs or whatever form of social media they used. It was suggested that the staff would write the blog and the CEO can write in from time to time. It was countered however that if the CEO isn’t all in that they shouldn’t do it. By blogging it’s a time to personalize the company.

However, there are guidelines that need to be followed and those can be enforced by a general council, lawyers, etc.  The question of where control comes in because conversations are happening and things may be said that you don’t want getting out, but again with guidelines set in place it shouldn’t be a problem for the most part.

Social media is an outlet to let people know if something isn’t correct that was published or put out that you can let them know right a way that it was a mistake or it is being/has been taken care of. Transparency is in the best interest of the company so that there is no concern or problem.

Return of investment was brought up in the discussion but they said it’s priceless to have your customers be loyal to you.

Social media allows your customers to express their feelings and you have the ability to write back and can build publicity.  It’s important to be authentic and point out the positives about your company but not hide anything and you also have the ability to counter anything said.

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