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#1: Pat Summitt by Jennifer Cicotta

Thanks for writing about this topic. I think when a female does something or accomplishes something great where it may seem strange for her to be doing such a thing is amazing to see. As a former basketball player I know it’s difficult for a coach, at any level, to gain respect and loyalty. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for her just starting out as a coach. It’s great to see that you are appreciating these woman in whatever their accomplishments are whether it be in sports, broadcasting, or a teacher.


#2 Twitter:A Love Story by Katie Davis

I was in your shoes too when I first started using Twitter. Why an earth would someone care that much about what I had to say or why would I care to hear about what someone else was doing at the particular moment in time? Or so I thought. Twitter seems to be good for quick, brief moments of connecting and then you’re off to the next part of your life. I had to learn to embrace Twitter and everything that went a long with it, even though I fought it hard. I found it almost can become addictive, not as much as Facebook, but still there is something about Twitter that makes you want to follow and be followed.


#3 eBay it is! By Whitney Gonzalez

I think it’s awesome you know so much about eBay. I think I’ve used it once but I never purchased anything. Knowing how to use a tool as useful as eBay can be very beneficial in the future. I didn’t realize there were so many things that come with eBay or the different websites similar to eBay. I wonder if that sparked all the other sites after seeing how well eBay did. I like the art, it’s abstract! 🙂 I think it’s so neat how one website allows us to get an receive clothing, car parts,and computers from all parts of the world. It’s like the modern day bartering system, well sort of!


#4 T.O.W 4 by Juliet Jones

Thanks for posting this! I agree with you on both the idea that social media doesn’t always seem professional but also, like you said, most of the time we know about companies or products put out by these companies because of their use of social media. I thought a lot of the things they brought up in the interview were very valid points. Since they do represent their company as a whole, I think it’s important to remember what your purpose is for writing. You last sentence I totally agree with! Whatever the public thinks is what goes in some cases. It’s important for companies to know their purposes for using a social media outlet and then taking advantage of those outlets.


#5 Reading Benefits by Mikelle Liette

Wow you have a lot of great information!! There are so many different ideas and opinions on what good public relations is or should be and I think it’s a good idea to take a look and see what multiple people are saying on a topic. I definitely agree with you on making a joke at the beginning of a presentation. Depending on the topic you are going to be discussing, a joke may be inappropriate and sometimes it’s just overdone. I know when I’ve read other people’s blog posts, like you mentioned; you wonder what in the world they are talking about sometimes. I do think that it’s all important information to have at your finger tips even if you don’t use it right away or ever at all.


#6 PR..More than a Press Release by Joshua Massaro

Thanks for posting this! I definitely agree that PR is so much more than just press releases. I liked your point on big name corporations who like to avoid crisis and yet at the same time,a crisis is bound to happen and they need to be prepared for it if it should happen. Too often I think they forget what they work for, or more so who they work for. I’m sure it’s difficult to stay true to who you are in the PR world, but I agree that it’s important to know who you are and stick with it.


#7 Grammar Matters by Jessica Nguyen

I was scrolling down the page when I saw the line of “Let’s eat Grandma!” and I had to read the whole article to see what in the world it was about! Grammar is a tough subject since it’s a big problem with writing today. It’s especially important to be grammatically correct in the PR world. It’s strange to think that a comma has the ability to change the whole tone or idea of a sentence. Imagine an entire press release with misplaced commas and grammatical errors. I agree with you that so easily things can be taken wrong, read incorrectly due to punctuation. Thanks for making me realize you can still find humor even when working on our grammar skills!

#8 TOW Kat Lovin by Jennifer Cicotta


Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed hearing Kat talk to us about crisis management and working for the Salvation Army. For working with crisis management all the time, she was very upbeat. I thought the differentiation between a crisis and a disaster was very interesting. I often don’t think about the difference, but it’s very important. I liked how open she was with us and how genuine she seemed. Social media has come up a lot with discussions and it makes it more real when professionals talk about it and how they use it.

#9 How to Get Yourself Hired by Katie Davis


Thanks for the post! I think no matter how many times we hear how to write out resume in school, it helps to have a refresher! It seems as though these are basic things to use in any writing, and yet it’s difficult to write a resume. Does it seem strange to write something talk about yourself and promote yourself? Interviews are always nerve racking to do, but it helps to know what you are supposed to do and how you are to act in them.

#10 FPRA October Monthly Meeting by Whitney Gonzalez


Thanks for posting about this! It’s always awesome to see someone so successful in PR. I think that would be such an awesome job to work for Universal! How cool is that?! I can see where social media would be a factor for getting the word out and promoting the attractions. I’ve gotten to the point where I almost forget what we did before we used social media for promotions. Interactive things are always a great way to get people’s attention and attract them to whatever you were promoting in the first place. That’s awesome that the group was able to hear this, I bet it was inspiring and great to hear from someone in the industry with first hand experience.

#11 TOW 11 by Juliet Jones


Thanks for posting the Top 10 list. I know if someone wanted to torture me all they would have to do is stick me in front of an audience and make me talk. I dislike public speaking with just about every fiber of my being. Luckily, they’ve come up with lists like these to make it a little more bearable. It seems like all the things listed are very basic things, and yet it’s so hard to get up there and talk..why is that?! You list is really helpful for knowing what to do! I think your last point is one of the most important. If you aren’t having fun, you’re not enjoying it which means your audience isn’t either. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s best to try and relax. I’ll definitely remember your tips for the next time I have to get up and speak!

#12 Chapter 13 Corporate Responsibility by Mikelle Liette


I think it’s so important for companies to take corporate responsibility. It seems like a lot of companies either sink or swim in this area these days, which is sad. I remember reading that article about the different companies who don’t have corporate responsibility. It baffles me that they don’t just take responsibility and do what they need to do for their customers. I’ve learned that it’s really important for companies to be transparent! Thanks for posting this! :)

#13 My participation in Social Media by Josh Massaro


That’s for this post! I totally agree with you, I can’t remember a time without social media. Through the different forms of social media we are exposed to so many different things! That’s awesome that you’re part of so many different forms of social media. I too am a apart of Twitter and even after a year of using it, I’m still not sure how I feel about it! That’s so cool you have a podcast, that’s going to open a lot of doors for you! I’ll be interested to see where our world is in ten years with all the advances in social media.

#14 Infographics by Jessica Nguyen


Thanks for your post! It’s interesting to think that many people probably wouldn’t know what an infographic is even though we are surrounded by them. They seem like they are very helpful in our everyday life and could be very beneficial in marketing. I think as visual people, it’s better to keep things simple such as a pie chart or a sign to convey a message than to give us a lot of information all at once. I’ll have to remember to keep my eye out for all my surrounding infographics!

#15 Are podcasts beneficial? by Tara Parker


Thanks for the post Tara! Before this class I wasn’t a big fan of podcasts. It seemed like a waste of time for me to sit down and listen to people talk about a subject I may or may not care about. After learning a big more about them and nearing the end of my college days, I’ve realized how beneficial they really are. I’ve listened to both podcasts you mentioned and I found them to be very informative and interesting. It seems like there is a podcast out there for everyone’s taste. I’m sure I’ll be listening to them a lot more once I’m out of school to stay informed on everything!

#16 Public Speaking by Michelle Paulino


Thanks for the post Michelle! I think we all deal with some form of a fear for public speaking! But with the help of great tips, it can be a lot less scary. I think the visualizing yourself giving the speech is an interesting. I’ve practiced given a speech before but I’ve never actually visualized myself giving it. Don’t apologize is one that I can relate with. I like to apologize before hand sometimes for stuff just cause I feel as though I should warn people how bad it’s going to be, but I know it’s one of the cardinal rules of public speaking to not, so I’m still a work in progress. It’s so important to be prepared and to know these tips before giving a speech just so you feel prepared and can do the best job!

#17 PR blogs and their benefits by Mike Trivette


Thanks for the post Mike! I have to say prior to getting involved with pr classes, I never understood the purpose of need for a blog. I thought, why would someone care to just write down their thoughts and who would care to read them? But after learning more about their benefits, I’ve learned that blogs can be really helpful in a variety of areas. It’s a great way to make connections, get feedback, and learn a lot during the process. I’ve learned that there is a blog out there that fits just about everyones needs and personalities. I can’t wait to see where blogging goes in the future.

#18 Top 10 Presentation Skills by Jennifer Cicotta


Thanks for the post! You made a lot of good points about giving speeches. I find that for me it’s always helpful to see lists like these to help me better my speeches. One of the points that really stuck out to me was number eight which said use your natural voice. After thinking about it, I do suppose I speak a bit differently than my normal talking to my friends voice. I think it’s an natural reaction to change how we do things when speaking. It seems as though no matter what age you are, the fear of public speaking is always something people have to over come. Thankfully, with tips like yours we can!

#19 BP Screwups Under a Tweety Microscope by Katie Davis


Great Post! It’s easy to forget how closely companies are looked at now after screwups with the help of social media. Back a few years ago companies didn’t have to worry about being bashed in multiple media platforms. While BP did mess up in more areas than one, I’m sure it’s hard to deal with everything when being watched by Big Brother. I have to wonder what it would have been like if this happened before social media really took off. Would it matter as much and would they be getting as much attention.

#20 Her Red Nail Polish by Whitney Gonzalez


Thanks for writing this Whitney. Isn’t it amazing how God created us, to remember things based off of something so simple like red nail polish? It’s a beautiful memory of your grandmother. Don’t be afraid of all the memories and other emotions that would come from visiting, just because she isn’t physically there doesn’t mean you will fell empty. Her memory lives on everything you paint your nails red or see someone with red polish. It’s a great thing to hold onto. I really appreciate you for sharing this and I’m sure your grandmother is very proud of you.

#21 T.O.W #14 by Juliet Jones


haha I’ve seen this before and it’s just as interesting and funny as the first time I saw it. Thanks for posting these videos! Now if only more companies used this type of advertising to promote their products. Sometimes it works when you break out of the box and try something new! It seems as though when companies do something extraordinary that they do better than those who don’t. When watching the video I wanted to join with them. I agree with you that it made me view T-Mobile with a different pair of eyes and give them a second glance than perhaps I would have if they hadn’t done this video.

#22 Did you know? by Mikele Liette


Thanks for posting this! Isn’t it amazing all of the information and facts on social media? At this point, I can barely remember a time before we had all these forms of social media. These facts are incredible! Isn’t it scary how we don’t necessarily even know how much social media is shaping us and our culture? But honestly, where would we be without it these days? I think the scariest part of all of this is that further change is coming with media as a whole and there’s no slowing down.

#23  Site Stats by Josh Massaro


Thanks for the post Josh. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been blogging for two years and never really paid much attention to my stats. Things probably would have gone differently if I had been paying attention. I agree with you that by checking them you are able to see what people are reading and what you should possibly put more of in your blog or take out depending on the stats. Stats are really helpful for PR practitioners to do as I said above and as you said to meet the needs of the client or the readers. That’s awesome that Google Alerts did that. Isn’t technology amazing! Keep up the good work Josh!

#24 Glee Broke My Heart by Jessica Nguyen


As a fellow Glee fan, I’m sure you’ll join me when I say OMG! That just happened! I was shocked too by their breakup. I’m not a GLEEK per say so I wasn’t as invested but I definitely was shocked. It’s amazing that you were able to go on Facebook and Twitter and people were writing about it. You’re able to connect with millions of others who were feeling the same thing you were with the help of social media. It’s an amazing thing to me. The reactions on this video were priceless. People who are very invested in the show and are true GLEEKS! 🙂

#25  TOW Chapter 14 by Tara Parker


Great post! I actually posted the same video on my blog too. Funny! 🙂 I though it was so interesting to learn some of the things on there. It’s crazy to think of how fast paced we are moving in terms of social media and how popular it has become. I sometimes have a difficult time remembering a time when I didn’t use social media. I liked the point you made about pr professionals having to know how to use social media in their jobs now. I find it interesting how five or so years ago, the biggest thing for people to learn was how to use Microsoft Word or Excel, how they have to navigate these social media outlets. My how times have changed!

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