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After stumbling through several different blogs I came upon a blog by John Cass called PR Communications. Mr Cass writes about corporate blogging, PR, and everything in between.
When I initially looked at John Cass’s blogs, I didn’t understand exactly what all the different information meant. Then the light bulb came on to read his about page to see who he was and what made him want to write a blog. As I was reading,one line stuck out to me at the very bottom of his About page and it made me realize that this is how blogs should be written. Mr. Cass wrote “Blogging is all about starting a conversation with another individual.” Now take a minute to think about that, I had to. The concept is fairly normal, have a conversation, and yet I didn’t get it until now; at least not until I read his blog and put both thoughts together.

After reading several of John Cass’s posts, I really get the sense that he cares about what he’s writing and wants to create the conversation he talked about. Much of his writing is written with the tone of someone who wants to communicate and help others be informed. I liked this very much. Nowadays I feel as though the art of communicating can be lost when writing blogs about communication and public relations, weird right? Many topics he covered are relevant and interesting where it’s enjoyable to read. The topics ranged from social media formed relationships to the social media trend in De Moines, Iowa.

Up until the past year, I was not a person who enjoyed reading blogs or honestly found them to be useful. It has been a gradual development of appreciation that I have begun reading them, and I’m glad that I have. There is so much out there to learn and become more informed that without blogs I would likely not ever know about.

Students and pr practitioners can benefit from blogs in many ways. Blogs open you up to information you may have not otherwise been able to view. I like the fact that not all blogs are the same and it’s something new everyday that may or may not be relevant to what you are learning about or doing, but that’s okay. It’s a good thing to learn about what is going on in the pr world even if you don’t agree with it or even work in that area.

Thank you to John Cass for caring about what you put out for those who are still exploring the crazy world of communicating.



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2 Responses to T.O.W featuring PR Communications Blog

  1. Mikelle says:

    I think that blogs definitely help you to find out information that you would not have otherwise known about. However, I think that while reading blogs it is important to keep an open mind and know that everyone that is writing is not necessarily correct. I think that you can learn a lot of great information through blogging, but some blogs can also be misleading. I liked how you said that it doesn’t matter if want you are reading about is not relevant to what you are doing, because it is always good to learn more about things that don’t necessarily interest you.

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