T.O.W Podcasts!!!

I listened to two podcasts this week. The first was For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #568. The second was Coming Up PR which is for college students.

I’ve listened to The Hobson & Holtz Report before and really enjoyed it so I decided to listen to it again. They began discussing the 2nd Annual PR & Social media Summit at the Microsoft Headquarters. The summit sounds really awesome, they are having  companies such as  Yahoo, Nike, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and USA Today attend the conference and also speak there. A bit later a caller discussed Ireland’s communications rules and social media. This led into a small discussion about Government leaders now embracing social media.

Throughout the podcast they talked about the new Twitter, PRSA and it’s members desires to improve their skills.  There was a lot of other topics discussed which included following up on the CIPR’s media spamming charter, and Gap’s new logo as well at the Digital Life.

The Coming Up PR podcast was different than For Immediate Release. It was a student lead podcast so it had an entirely different feel, which wasn’t bad. They discussed Investor Relations which is something that my PR class just learned about. They had a special guest named Catalina Dorobeti, who works in Investor Relations. She answered questions about what sort of knowledge you would need to have in order to work in that type area, what it’s like to be a woman in this line of work.

The more I listen to podcasts I find them more and more useful, I think because I’m getting older and I’m about to enter into the work force in a few months. Podcasts provide you with information at your finger tips where you may or may not have found anywhere else pertaining to public relations or social media. I think it’s a great teaching tool and learning tool for someone who is just getting immersed in pr and wants to learn more from those who are seasoned in the profession. I highly recommend listening to podcasts just to be informed on the up and comings of social media or whatever the case may be.


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