Issues Management

Over the course of the past week we studied issues management. I started reflecting about this topic and realized everyone and everything at some point or another will have issues. I think it’s all in how you prepare, how you  handle yourself if the situation occurs, and how you will move on and grow what makes the difference.

Issues management  If a corporation has issues management set in place it potentially prevents a crisis. It is defined as “a corporate process that helps organizations identify challenges in the business environment—both internal and external—before they become crises.”  This is to protect a company from harming their reputation, operations, and financial condition. I think it’s very important to set in place an issues management structure in order to have every area covered. The typical structure is governance, an issues management team, topic-specific task forces, and an issues resource team.

I think the best way to make sure when issues do arise that you have a strong management structure in place and make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to assessing the severity of an issue.  I have to wonder when issues and problems arise at large corporations what they do. I understand that it may not be as simple as having a plan in place and rolling with it, that’s unrealistic. However, I feel like with a few minor tweaks we could avoid a catastrophe from developing by having a plan in place that would cover any possible issues that would affect the company in a negative or even possibly a positive way.

I feel the best way to be prepared is to have a plan in place and be flexible to roll with it as it comes. You also have to be smart and stay calm when dealing with issues. I’ve found in most situations when you freak out the situation tends to seem worse than it really is. I think it’s important not only in corporate pr but in our everyday life to deal with issues rationally, calmly, and with careful thought.


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