Anyone heard of Corporate Responsibility lately?!?!

Corporate Responsibility has been in the news lately, but it seems like it’s always in the news. In  the past few months the biggest story on corporate responsibility has probably been the BP oil spill. At firs thought, I don’t think many would have thought that BP did a very good job at taking responsibility, however, they did.

After learning about what corporate responsibility is, I know it’s really important for companies to be transparent. In an article from April, a list was put out of the best companies with corporate responsibility and the worst companies. I was shocked to see some of the companies on that worst list.  I think it’s so important for corporations to be as transparent as they could be, because I feel if you are then when a problem arises people will be more likely to trust and accept your decision on things. Toyota is a good example of being transparent. I have a Toyota and they sent a letter explaining and what they were going to do to fix the problem.

Another example, even though it’s small, is Domino’s Pizza. They first had their fiasco with their employees misbehavior but then in their new commercials customers will send pictures in with messed up pizza’s  and the company was wanting to fix the problem. They didn’t hide the fact that they were messing things up, they took responsibility and were very transparent showing pictures; they owned up to their mess and wanted to make things right.

Corporate Responsibility is always going to be in the news, I hope that when it does show up that it’s about companies who are doing the right things instead of those who are messing up and needing to be called out on things.

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