How to do your best at Public Speaking!!!

My throat is dry, my hands are sweaty, and my legs are ready to give out; it’s presentation day. Everyone, I’m sure, has experienced these symptoms at some point or another while preparing and giving a speech. While some jitters come with the territory, fear and dread don’t have to be a problem by learning some tips which will help you give a great presentation. I found a website which gave some good tips on presentation giving:

1. Know your audience: Before getting up to speak, know who you are speaking to. It’s important to put your information into their language which will make for effective communicating.

2. Body language is important! If you’re standing in front of everyone fidgeting, fumbling with your words, shifting back and forth it will reflect badly on you. Appropriate movement and hand gestures are fine to do during a presentation as long as they don’t become too obsessive.

3. Don’t read from notes: By reading from notes you can lose contact with the audience and it doesn’t look very professional. Glance at your notes for reference points as needed. While speaking, speak loudly and clearly to the audience as well.

4. Eye Contact: We’ve all heard it’s important to maintain eye contact with the audience while speaking, and it is. It’s recommended to make eye contact for 3 seconds at a time. By looking at everyone in the audience periodically, everyone stays involved.

5. When speaking to the audience, listen to their questions and if needed adjust.

6. Pausing if okay! Taking a pause in between points can be a helpful thing. It allows you to take a minute to collect yourself and not rush through your presentation.

7. Humor is not a bad thing: I’ve heard using humor is both positive terms and negative. using appropriate humor can be beneficial in your presentation because it keeps the audiences attention.

8. Stop before you hurt yourself: It’s important to not over-talk. If you’ve made your point, then it’s better to close your presentation.

9. Visual aids are very helpful: Visual aids can enhance presentations. Keep fonts simple and easy to read.

10. If using any video or audio, make sure you set it before presenting. This prevents any awkward pausing or mishaps during your presentation.

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