Dashboard Confessions

Before being told to look at it, I’ve never thought about reviewing my stats on my wordpress blog. Sadly, I do not receive that many hits on my regular posts. Several of my posts received more views on certain days than others. My most active post was of my interview with Eden Gordon which I conducted last year. I can understand where that would be more interesting to read since it’s a human interest type of post. It was my most searched, which is also beneficial for Eden because it makes people look at her and see what she is all about.

I think pr practitioners would benefit greatly from viewing their own stats and/or their companies stats because it acts as a great tool. It gives them the ability to see what posts people like, what they don’t like, and what they should possibly put more of on their blog. It is also helpful since it tells you which month,week, or day the viewing occurred. This allows the blogger to possibly change what day they are blogging on or what week would get them the most views.

Another benefit of viewing stats is that it just helps you keep track and stay on top of things. It’s nice to know when you’re posting and if people appreciate what you have to say. I would encourage anyone who is going to blog or continue blogging to view their site stats regularly. It can’t hurt you, but only help you get the most out of blogging and produce the best blog you can.

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2 Responses to Dashboard Confessions

  1. kewood10 says:

    First off I’d like to say that the title of this post is creative. Great word play with the use of the WordPress term “dashboard” and the band “Dashboard Confessional”. I guess it makes sense that your Interview with Eden Gordon has had significant activity. Like you said it is more of a human relations related post but perhaps people came across it when they were searching for information on her. Well, I hope your stats skyrocket! Ha.

  2. whitness07 says:

    I agree with Kelly! Your title is hilarious and super creative. It is cool that an interview that you conducted and posted about is your most popular post. Perhaps when people are Googling that person, your post shows up and everyone can notice you great writing skills. Way to get your name out there. I hope your stats skyrocket too!! 😛

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