“The Social Media Revolution”

Social Media is everywhere in todays world. You can’t walk down a street or pass someone in the grocery store without the ever present world of social media. I have a difficult time even at my young age remembering when I didn’t have social media by my side. Our social media outlets have been growing at incredible rates that one has to wonder what they will think of next. I chose the video Social Media Revolution because since social media is a huge thing today, it’s important to look back and look ahead at everything that is social media. It’s grown faster than most media outlets and doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. I am fascinated by social media and the power that it has to transform and grow, which is another reason for us to take a hard look at it.  I know I would be completely lost without today, which I am sadden to say. Do you ever wonder what we would do without it? If it just disappeared from the face of the earth, never to be heard from again?  It’s scary to think about. After watching this video, I now have a better grasp on the realities of social media. As a fellow social media user, I hope that it doesn’t go anywhere in the near future.


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1 Response to “The Social Media Revolution”

  1. whitness07 says:

    I love this video. We used it in our FPRA meeting here on campus in order to raise awareness of social media. It is a great video because even if you have no idea about how important social media really is, it makes you wonder why you aren’t up to date. Instead of ranting about how important social media is, I’d rather just play this video.

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