Why Read PR Blogs? by Whitney Gonzalez

I traded posts with Whitney Gonzalez. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Whitney over the past few years and she is going to take the PR world by storm when she graduates in May.

This week we were asked to post someone else’s blog post on our own blogs and vice versa. Seeing how we were doing this with out blogs, I thought it was only fitting to post her writing about reading blogs. So without further adieu Whitney’s blog post:

Why Read PR Blogs?

11 Oct

I explored a blog called Culpwrit “guiding the career in public relations” where Ron Culp from Chicago, Illinois provides career guidance for those in the Public Relations field. Culp posts several Question and Answer posts which provide answers to those who submit questions. I find those very helpful because it displays different situations in the PR field.

Public relations students can benefit from reading public relations blogs in several different ways, such as:

  • Finding advice for career searches
  • Reading about the lifestyle of someone already in the field
  • Receiving encouragement

Some of the things that I learned about were staying professional during virtual meetings, tips on searching for jobs, interviewing, and tips for while actually on the job.

Public Relations students that stay informed on the world of public relations, such as new technologies, techniques, etc., will likely be competitive in their job search and obtain the best job available for them.

Another thing that reading PR blogs can help with is knowing if you have chosen the right field or what you want to do with your degree. By reading PR blogs you can learn about the things that PR professionals actually do and decide if those are things that you would enjoy doing. If you know PR is for you and are unsure whether you want to work with non-profits, corporations, etc., you can subscribe to bloggers that are involved in those different areas and find which you would enjoy doing most.

You can read more posts written by Whitney by going to her website

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