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For Immediate Release:

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #536: March 22, 2010

I listened to The Hobson & Holtz Report which was from Monday, March 22. During the podcast the two men discussed a corporate communicators event/ convention that will be held in Michigan. General Motors will attend and speak there. Michael Netzley came on to speak and talked about social media in Singapore. He said that many people know what social media  is and many are interested and want to know more about it. The online world has developed in Asia where more people understand social media. Netzley also discussed Rio Tinto bribery case. They pled guilty  to bribes on the first day of the trial. Mr. Who was said to receive  $1 million in bribes.

The big topic of the podcast was Nestle and the whole facebook/youtube problems. It’s a social media crisis. The main discussion was what should have been done as far as facebook was concerned; what should they have said or done. They said there is a possible news angle in the facebook page. it seems like Nestle doesn’t really know how to handle the situation. Hobson & Holtz didn’t agree with how it was handled dealing with how individuals were responded to instead of just a mass note to everyone on the website.

Listening to podcasts can benefit PR students or new PR practitioners by giving them an outlet into the media that is simple and easy to use. Podcasts provide relevant information for a PR person and can keep them up to date on issues. It also allows a person to learn throughout the cast depending on the topics discussed.  Podcasts can immerse a student or practitioner into the world of Public Relations by giving them information that they would deal with on the job; it’s a great learning tool.

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